ULTIMATE HEX Bar from KORE Fitness

ULTIMATE HEX Bar from KORE Fitness

New in at KO Sports… The 'Ultimate Hex Bar' by Kore Fitness. This awesome piece of kit can be used for a variety of strength exercises, carried out from a safer, more effective neutral posture when compared to a normal bar. The reason for this is to do with the shape of the bar and the location of the weights; with a barbell, the weight is in front of your body, but the design of the hex bar places the weight in line with your body. This allows for a more natural lift, working with your body mechanics. A study from the "Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research" compared the biomechanics of the Hex Bar deadlift and the Barbell Deadlift. Researchers concluded that users could lift a heavier one-repetition maximum load using the Hex Bar variation, and the peak force and power were greater than with the Barbell variation. Using the hex bar allows more load to go through the legs, and less load on the lumbar spine (lower back) and hips, a lighter load on the lower back is especially beneficial for those with problems in this area, or those wanting to go heavy with a less risk of injury. This allows for more confidence when performing heavy lifts or working with a range of new or traditional conditioning techniques, and thus a greater gain in performance. As well as these benefits the Kore Fitness Hex Bar has the added feature of Handles that rotate between three different thicknesses. This allows the user to vary the level of exertion required by their grip to hold the bar, thus allowing for greatly increased grip strength, mass gaining and overall power. Strong forearms, hands and grip are essential for anyone taking part in strongman, martial arts, bodybuilding and a range of other sports. All this, combined with a durable heavy duty frame and attractive finish make this a great addition to any workout, and is suitable for a home or commercial gym. Available for £299 from WWW.KOSPORTS.COM.

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