Adam Khan interview on upcoming title fight against Kevin Mullen on 14/7/12

Adam Khan interview on upcoming title fight against Kevin Mullen on 14/7/12

KO- Hi Adam, you're fighting for the "Caged Fighters" Semi Pro title at welterweight in just over two weeks, on the 17th of July, how has your training camp gone so far?

 AK- Yeah my camp has gone really well, probably the best one to date. The guys down at True Spirit MMA have really pushed me to get into the best shape I can for this fight.

You've been training and preparing for MMA fights for over 2 years now, is there anything you've learnt from that time that has changed your preparation for this fight?

I know what I need to do to get to the best level I can, and I feel that now I can really focus on my training better than before because I’ve graduated from uni so don't have that extra stress on my head. Literally now its work and training! Oh yeah, I do have a social life somewhere in there (laughs)

Your opponent is from Fulinkazan in Bradford, what do you know about him and how will this affect your game plan?

 Yeah Fulinkazan is a good gym with some good fighters. I know some of the lads from down there and they’re all nice guys. My opponent’s ground game is very technical, but I feel he hasn’t fought someone who's comfortable on their back and on top and will keep on attacking with submissions and sweeps. I’m comfortable wherever this fight goes.

 Who are your main coaches for this fight, and how have they helped you through the fight camp? 

 My Jiu-Jitsu and head coach Mabsy has helped me with my ground game, he's put in the time to make sure my movement and submissions are up to scratch. When we roll, he really keeps up the pressure and makes me work. He's been tapping me out since I was 17 (laughs) Also my MMA coach Liam has made sure I'm ready for a war! His sessions are always high paced and intense. His Grappling and Striking are at a high level so sparring with him was a really good experience. Also, he's my strength and conditioning coach, and for this fight, he's got me into the best shape I’ve ever been in! Last but not least my boxing coach Carl Cleasby. He's an ex professional boxer and literately has taught me how to punch. Working with him on the pads is amazing! He now has me fight either orthodox or southpaw, without him I wouldn't feel as comfortable on my feet as I do at the moment.

 What is left to do for your preparation in the final 2 weeks? 

 Right now I'm finishing off my heavy sparring and wrestling. Gonna focus on keeping my striking accurate with pad work and drill submissions and sweeps so that they become muscle memory. My weight is on target and I have no injuries to worry about. Just need to keep myself ticking over and I'll be 100% ready come fight night!

 Are there any sponsors you would like to thank?

 Yeah I'd like to thank the guys at KO Sports for running the best Martial Arts shop in Leeds! Most of my gear I’ve got off these guys including my shorts for the fight, and the gear I need to train as hard as I do, plus it's handy having the shop just above the gym!

 Is there anything else you would like to add? 

 Yeah I just wanna thank my family for being there and supporting me with every fight. My parents are my biggest critics! Even when I win they point out all the things I did wrong (laughs) I wanna give a shout out to my two cousins Wasif and Omar, who through disease manage to live life to the fullest. It's easy for me to get into a cage and fight for 3 rounds, but these guys have been fighting all their life. They really inspire me to make the most of what I do, and July 14th, were all gonna be celebrating a great victory! Wanna shout out my girl Natasha who's always been there. she's the one that makes sure I keep my health in check! She's always been supportive and will continue to do so throughout my career. Last but definitely not least, all the guys down at True Spirit MMA. Without these guys I wouldn't be where I am today. Ever since I started training with Mabsy, he's given his time and knowledge to me and I'm ever grateful!

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