Fat Block (30's)

Fat Block is a clinically proven fat blocker consisting of the patented NeOpuntia®, which is a standardized extract from the Opuntia-ficus indica cactus. It binds to fat and prevents its absorption into the body in a 2-step process, with instant efficacy starting in the stomach:

The insoluble fiber fraction of the product binds to a part of the food fats due to lipophilic (fat attracting) interactions, creating large complex fat / fiber molecules in the upper part of the stomach, which are simply too large to pass through the cellular wall of the small intestine. 

These connections are irreversible, thus preventing pancreatic lipase (the fat beakdown enzyme) from splitting fat molecules into smaller units, and reducing absorption of the fats in the intestines.

The soluble polysaccharide fraction of the product then further creates a gel in the stomach allowing stabilization of the water-resistant interactions and the slow, natural elimination of trapped fats.

NeOpuntia® has been shown to absorb up to about 29% of total fatty acids during the 4 hour time frame after a meal. At the recommended maximum dosage, no side effects, or particular discomfort have been observed during studies.




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