Xedra-Cut Hardcore (120's)

Our Xedra Cut Hardcore weight loss supplement is scientifically formulated to control body fat, act as an appetite suppressant and suppress constant cravings in the form of easy to swallow weight loss capsules.  It delivers everything required of an energy booster - long lasting explosive energy and mental focus.

Xedra Cut Hardcore utilizes maximum strength liquid weight loss capsules and transport boosters to accelerate absorbtion and activity of the advanced weight-reducing herbal extracts and oils synergistically blended together.  With four proprietary blends, including powerful fat-loss compounds (increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis in adipoctyes amongst other mechanisms), mild appetite suppressants, blood glucose regulators (craving eliminators), digestive aids, mild diuretics, and the feel-good factor the Xedra Cut Brand is well-known for, these superior strength rapid acting capsules are bound to take the holistic weight-loss process to the next level.




£19.00 (35%)

Serving Size - 3 Liquid Capsuals

Lipid - Burn Factor - Citrus Aurantium, Natural Caffeinem Capsicum Annuum L. Fruit Extract, Yerba Mate (4:1 extract). 480mg per serving.

Multi-Mechanism Blend - Green Tea Extract, Cocoa (10% Theobromine extract), Ginger (12% Gingerol extract). 240mh per serving.

Gluco-plus Blend - Grapefruit Seed (45% Flavanoid extract), Taurine, Guggul Gum Extract. 180mg per serving.

Pro-Absorb and Digestion Blend - Peppermint essential oil, Bioperine (95% Piperine Extract). 98mg per serving.

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